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Wearing a deadly corps mask cannot be scary. How? You might be surprised. 

The answer is the scariest things must be present around you to allow you to look at them for an extended time, and they must cause a chilly feeling in your vertebra. In contrast, the so-called horror-filled masks are just the show of irregular shapes with an abundance of paint. They are more nasty than frightening. The result is, they might seem evil or even zombies but not scary. The feeling of scary looks mostly dwells in static and selfish, interactive or exploiting masks. To help you choose the scariest mask this Halloween, we present to you our new Bluetooth rgb led mask.

Bluetooth rgb led mask features

Instantly change to any face or animation

Select from 45 Animated Effects + 70 Static Faces that are pre-programmed via our app

DIY Photo Upload

Upload as many faces and photos are you like. This will allow you to really become anyone or anything that you set your mind to.

Customizable Messages

You may display and edit any text or emojis and select their color. Simply say “Hello” or be more complex and sophisticated in your greetings .

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About our Bluetooth rgb led mask

  • CHOOSE FROM 100’S OF MASKS : transform your face in seconds with this light-up mask. This cosplay accessory comes pre-installed with 45 animated patterns and 70 static faces for you to wear

  • GESTURE CONTROL:   Our product allows you to change faces each time you wave your hand across the beam sensor.

  • DO IT YOURSELF : You can write and animate text through the mask mobile app and upload any photo or gif from your phone gallery and display it on your beam mask
  • SOUND REACTIVE : The Beam Mask follows the beat of the music with customizable patterns to choose from, all within the app
  • WEAR IT ALL DAY! Forget about having to change batteries. Our LED light mask houses a robust 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which can keep the mask running for up to 12 hours on a single charge.
  • EASY TO USE : Control the mask through the downloadable Bluetooth app. Switch to Gesture mode. This allows you to shuffle through the images on the mask just by waving your hand.
  •  THE LIFE OF THE PARTY : Turn a lifeless party into an epic event with this face-transforming LED mask. Wear this mask to spice up birthdays, Halloween, music festivals, or New Year’s Eve parties.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL :  Made of tough plastic and latex, you can count on this programmable LED mask to last. Its ergonomic design, soft interior, and pre-cut eyeholes ensure a comfy fit all day. Dimensions: 22 x 16 CM / 8.6 x 6.2 Inches

Every year, thousands of fans worldwide engage in different festivals to show off their unique. While there’s an endless list of cosplay characters, deciding on which one to rock can be overwhelming. Lightweastech strives to create something that is truly different and one-of-a-kind for many years.

What makes our product unique?

Lightweastech is dedicated to providing our customers with products of exceptional quality. The Shining Masks are thoroughly tested and made to the highest standards, allowing our customers to appreciate each product’s durability and easy to use designs. We have applied for design patents in the United States and Europe.


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