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Burger Press


Burger Press Specifications: 

  • SAY GOODBYE TO BORING BURGERS – With our Stuffed Burger Press you can easily stuff your burger patties with your favorite ingredients! In no time you’ll have mind-blowing burgers that are BURSTING with flavor. The only limitation is your imagination!

  • FUN & EASY TO USE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Our design team made the Stuffed Burger Presser so easy to use, that the whole family can enjoy using! Just press it. Stuff it. Seal it!

  • CREATE PERFECTLY UNIFORM PATTIES – There’s nothing worse than a hand-shaped patty that doesn’t cook up evenly. Our Stuffed Burger Press guarantees perfect results!

  • NO MORE MESSY CLEANUP – Who wants to focus on cleanup after dinner? Nobody. That’s who. The Stuffed Burger Press is made using premium materials that clean up easier than the competitors. Simply soak in hot soapy water, or toss in the dishwasher and you’re on your way!



  • We’re addicted to this stuff! Being the master grillers that we are, we bring you a durable, professional, commercial grade burger press that makes perfect round burgers like a machine! You also get our Stuffed Burger Recipe ebook FREE with your order.

  • Our burger presser is the perfect companion for your home kitchen. Make patties or stuffed burgers with ease. Cook them indoor in a pan or outdoor on your grill!

  • Supreme Clean : No matter how many delicious stuffed burgers you make with your presser, clean up is easy with our dishwasher safe press.
  • Premium Materials: Made of heavy duty durable BPA-free nonstick plastic material so you can make burger patties instead of a mess.

  •  You can purchase with confidence knowing that you’ll get a product you love or we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. Try yours RISK FREE! Consider getting TWO – one for you and one for your very best friend!


29 reviews for Burger Press

  1. Karen

    I love this. My burger patties I shaped by hand always fell apart, even when they were meat patties with nothing added. The Press allows me to quickly form patties with or without any bonus material added to the center. I love stuffing my patties knowing they will cook in one piece. I regret not ordering this when I first started looking at it. Verynice that it is dishwasher safe. This is a no-brainer purchase.

  2. Jolene LindseyJolene Lindsey

    I’ve never been able to make a “well formed” burger patty. This was so easy. I haven’t used it to make stuffed patty’s yet but I’m positive that it will be a breeze.

  3. Prudence Rodden

    The product fully corresponds to the description. The goods are completely satisfied. All parts are easy to disassemble and assemble. Fast shipping. The parcel came whole. I recommend the goods 

  4. Tequilahal

    Makes perfectly shaped burgers every time. Stuffing a burger that will hold together without the ingredients falling off or out is easy. Just rinse off and put in the dishwasher. Stuffs all kinds of ground meat into perfect shape. Allows stuffing your burger with all kinds of products and combinations without the struggle of hand shaping. Great grill companion.

  5. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Item was received fairly quickly! All arrived in good condition. It has a nice weight and feels sturdy. I used it for cheese stuffed burger patties. The photos say it all. 🙂

  6. Alfonso Villapol

    Product very exact to description, all functional.

  7. Aamir Boyd

    The quality of the plastic was pleasant all is perfect recommend

  8. Wendi Raver

    Very good quality and tough material thanks

  9. Alfredo Lamanna

    The product is complete and complies with the description.

  10. Enrique Lutz

    It came quickly, the quality is good thanks a lot.

  11. Susann Masson

    Good press, took for steak, delivery fast!

  12. Starr Lheureux

    Perfect! Thank you  it’s exactly like the description, very practical, I can only recommend it. Very neat packaging and fast delivery. Thank you and soon!

  13. Maximilien Chopin

    I’m delighted. The presses are heavy, it seems to be of good quality. Correct packaging. It’s really easy to make burgers with this instrument. I bought separately sheets of paper to separate the burgers on the plate. Very fast delivery thanks to the combined delivery. I highly recommend.

  14. Celia

    Although the recipes look amazing, we prefer to wing it. However, the stuffed burger press is a top notch addition for people who love to grill 300+ days a year. The press makes perfect burger patties and they come out easily. We really liked that you don’t have to use any wax paper to make the burgers. Also, the burgers keep their shape while grilling and fall apart. You can choose to make small or big burgers. Clean up is easy, we just threw it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Your burgers come out looking restaurant quality but with a personal flare. We are super impressed and already put our order in for the free wristband. We are grillaholics!

  15. Jeremy

    This thing is pretty cool, I make burgers with all kinds of goodness inside. It is important to note that your burger is most likely going to spring a leak, this is ok. At first I was freaking out as I saw some of my cheese and goodies spill out, but it is part of the process and you don’t lose much at all. All in all with this thing I can make the most delicious burgers ever. If you are on a Keto style diet this is perfect, fill that burger with all kinds of fattening stuff and laugh all the way to the scale.

  16. Craig Reiter

    I bought this to replace a metal burger press that was difficult to use and hard to get apart to clean. I wanted something simpler and easier. This fits the bill. It’s designed nicely. I especially like that the bottom piece is not fixed to the sides. This makes it very easy to push the burger out. The top piece that make the burger well (indentation) works nicely. I found that if you rub the top piece with a little oil, it prevents the burger from sticking to the top. This only occurs on the first one or two burgers until there is enough grease from the hamburger to prevent sticking. Overall, I am very pleased with this burger press.

  17. Ziggybaby

    I bought it as one of my boyfriends ‘fun gifts’ for valentines … well it turns out that he LOVES it and uses it all the time! Might be one of the most practical gifts I’ve given him. He’s the cook in the household and has told me that it’s made making burgers so much easier for him. The burgers cook more uniformly than when he rolled them by hand – and I can attest that they are delicious!!

  18. Jerry O’Connor

    Love to grill burgers and my wife loves to stuff our veal/lamb/pork/beef burgers with all sorts of cheeses and veggies. Problem has been that sometimes the burgers crumble on the grill and don’t look so appetizing when served. No more. The burger press burgers are loaded up but look just perfect when plated or laid on a big roll. And I don’t have to worry about them on the grill. You can really load them up — and they cook perfectly. Simple but great product.

  19. Mike Hamilton

    They worked and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Two thumbs up!

  20. mark

    Works great, burgers come out giant and very easy to remove and clean. Amazing product.

  21. Sandi

    I bought this burger press on a recommendation from a good friend. After I received it, my husband took control and started looking at the instructions, viewed a You Tube video on how to make stuffed burgers and went to town. We have had stuffed burgers twice this week and they were fantastic. I wish I would have known about this a long time ago. There are great recipes on the web for all different kinds of stuffed burgers. I can’t wait for my husband to try another recipe.

  22. Amazon Customer

    I bought the  stuffed burger maker recently and I have to say, my husband was a bit skeptical. However, we used it for the first time for dinner tonight and it was fantastic! The kids enjoyed picking out what to out in theirs and for two highschool boys who think they are judges on Chopped, they couldn’t find a single thing to complain about! The meat sealed well so all of our fillings stayed in and the burgers were the perfect size. I had to take care not to mix them up though! Seems well made and won’t break easy so that’s another plus! Highly recommend! We can’t wait to get even more creative now that we know what we are doing!

  23. Bob

    After years of unsuccessfully trying to stuff my own hamburgers, I decided to try this out. I wish I had thought about buying something like this long ago. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and it makes perfect stuffed burgers. I let my imagination run wild when thinking of things to stuff burgers with…even Korean kimchi. I couldn’t be more delighted with the purchase.

  24. waynjer64

    A great way to easily make the prefect hamburger, especially the stuffed ones. Simple to use and easy to clean. You can try any stuffing that you like, cheese, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, relish and any combination of these and others. It produces a fat burger that doesn’t fall apart on the grill when you flip it and it tastes great if you know what you are doing on the grill.Buy this and you won’t regret it. It isn’t cheap but then things that work and last usually aren’t.

  25. Marianne

    I LOVE this burger press!!! It has made me famous with my summer BBQ dinner guests!!! I surprise my friends by putting all their favorite burger toppings INSIDE their burgers. It’s so much fun and quite a surprise!!! I LOVE it so much that I ordered one for each of my BBQing brothers for their birthdays!!! Did I mention that I LOVE this product??? LOL If you love to BBQ and love burgers and love them with toppings, BUY.THIS.NOW. Have recommended it to friends and they have purchased and love it too!

  26. steve

    I worked in the restaurant business for 40 years. I worked with many different types of hamburger presses. This press is easy to use, yet enables you to prepare burgers quickly and prepare them in different ways for different people. The patties hold together much better then hand puttied burgers, yet doe not destroy the produce like excess handling can. The burgers are juicy and uniform size. I have made patties from 1/4 lb, 1/3 lb and 1/2 lb all are easy to grill.

  27. Josh Rankin

    Very rarely do I respond with any sort of feedback. However, I feel that your product warrants feedback.I received my Grillaholics Burger Press and was able to use it on Sunday. I have nothing but good things to say about this product. It made the perfect sized burgers, and was extremely simple to use. I’ve used other burger presses in the past, and they always seem cheaply made and never make a decent pocket for the stuffing to go into.You have a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone.

  28. SchaftySchafty

    First use was up great experience. The bottom piece that removes was the whole reason I got this, makes it easy to eject patties and no need to mess with those wax papers like other products suggest. I haven’t stuffed anything yet, but worked very well to make these big burgers!

  29. MHG

    We were excited to try, upon delivery it was washed and out to use. Stuffing burgers were simple and easy. We prepared the burgers and set them back in the fridge to set. Grilled and ate. We can not wait to try different stuffings.

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