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Cessna-182 Drone

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Cessna-182 Drone


Quick History Of  The Real Cessna-182 Plane

The Cessna 182, quickly baptized Skylane in its early days, is a tricycle gear aircraft developed from the robust backcountry all-star Cessna 180. Introduced in 1956, the 182 quickly became a hit due to its flexibility and ease of operation, spawning a total of 23 variants over time. Whether in its regular, retractable-gear, or turbocharged versions, it has made its name as an honest aircraft that gets owners their money’s worth without needless excesses.

About Cessna-182 Drone

  • Elegant Outlook : The Cessna-182 Drone with its 500mm wingspan is produced in proportion to the real Cessna-182 plane with a smooth surface and super cool decorated sticker in classic red and black color, making this airplane model a great gift for kids.


  • EPP Foam Material : Made from Environmental EPP material that performs well. The material resists strong shocks and its good toughness characteristic also helps prevent permanent deformation.

  • Built-in Gyroscope : The gyroscope makes the flight more stable. Its stability is better than you could imagine. Also includes a Rudder Adjustment : Different players can switch the rudder level according to different environments meanwhile the aircraft can be controlled more softly or flexibly.

  • Powerful : Made of 3 coreless motor and 25c large rate battery which makes the flight more powerful. The battery lasts long enough.

  • Easy to Fly : The airplane is beginner friendly : easy to fly even if you have never flown a model before with strong stability and good glide effect. After turning off the gyroscope, you can easily make some moves, spirals, and other actions.

Cessna-182 Drone Description

Designed according to Cessna-182 real plane, with a cool appearance.
3 coreless motors combination, stronger flying power
EPP composite material, high flexibility, excellent recovery the plane is not easy to break
Easy to fly, suitable for beginners and intermediate flight game players
Suitable for indoor and outdoor flights, longer remote control distance. Flying range up to 200m
Rudder volume size adjustable, Allows you to do all kinds of difficult movements accurately, such as going forward, up/down, turn left /right, fine tuning, 360-degree rotation, spiral movement, etc…


Mode : F949
Wingspan: 500mm
Fuselage length : 393mm
Hight : 132mm
Flight time : about 25 minutes
Charging time : 40~60minutes
Frequency : 2.4GHz
Transmitter battery : 4 AA Battery (not included)
Airplane battery : 3.7V 500mah Li-Po Battery
Number of motors : 3 coreless motor combination
Control distance : 200m
Flying weight : 58g
Dimensions : 500 * 393 * 192mm(W*L*H)
Package size : 55 * 22 * 12cm / 21.7 * 8.7 * 4.7in
Package weight : 766g / 1.7lb

19 reviews for Cessna-182 Drone


    I was very pessimistic and attempted to talk my 12 year-old son out of buying this. I was wrong. The plane is really amazing. It’s stable, durable and so much fun.

  2. J. Walker

    This is the best plane to get if you are starting out in the RC plane hobby. The high wing design of the Cessna makes flight more stable and easier to controlThe plane was shipped to me (US) in less than a week.

  3. Dr W

    My son (12) flew this easily (5 min) after his first lesson. On the second flight he hit a pole and it kept in flying!

  4. Jolly Roger

    This is the best choice for beginners, in my opinion. It has a lot of perks that make it super easy to fly.

  5. Lisa

    This plane has been awesome and taken a beating! We’ve lost count how many times it has crashed but it just keeps going. It has been an awesome trainer for my son and I! The nose wheel did break from repeated crashes and bending it back straight again, so we just put the rear wheels in the front slot and added a bent paper clip to the tail to make it a tail dragged. We actually like it better like this!I also used batteries from my X5C quadcopter to give longer run times. It is a 1C 500mah battery.Don’t hesitate to buy! It has been a great value and an awesome way to learn to fly RC airplanes! We are now moving on to a 4 channel 🙂 happy flying!

  6. Kris Akers

    Amazing beginner plane. This plane introduced me to the hobby, and is one of the best purchases I have ever made. This thing will take a beating, and still fly great. I have introduced a few of my friends to RC planes by letting them fly this.

  7. Christeen Jenner

    Bought this for my 8 year old, he loved it. Eventually got bored so now I mess around with it outside my house most days. Quite amazing how cheap this is for how much fun I’ve had with it! The prop did indent into the ‘cockpit’ pretty quick after one or two crashes but I secured it with tape.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Had alot of fun with this little plane, long flight time, easy to fly. Takes a good crash and have to restraighten the front landing wheel a good bit

  9. Samira

    Para min Nieto un regalo

  10. Tony Stevens

    A great plane to start out in R/C. It is very durable, I’ve crashed numerous times with no harm done except lost the nose gear. Removed the main gear and just hand launch it only now. Give full throttle to gain some altitude, then power back to about 1/3 throttle – then it handles much easier and will fly a long time. Use more power after you practice and learn to control it. I’ve done loops and stunts with this plane. Very fun to fly.

  11. momfish

    Nicely boxed and packaged, my 12-year-old son was super excited with the plane. First flights today and it is a great flyer, excellent trainer. Survived a large number of intense learning crashes (full speed spiral dives). Only the front landing gear popped off after a number of severe impacts. I would recommend to any one learning to fly. Note is is very light and needs to be flown only when very still, as wind is the enemy of light R/C planes

  12. Nora

    Excellent, thank you.

  13. M

    Great plane at a great price. Learned how to fly it fast, adjust the trim and it flies like a champ. Nothing better out there at this price to learn how to fly RC planes.

  14. vandy

    this is a very good plane for beginners. my 11 year old son had to figure out how to land and take off for first 3 times and once he was all set it was tons of fun. the only thing I would suggest to buy extra propellers. this comes with two propellers 

  15. louis

    Great for the money. Awesome little plane to fly.

  16. tom

    Wow! I’m getting back into planes again after a long absence. I was blown away how advanced and affordable the gear has become. My first impression on arrival is that it was packed in a box as professional as the higher priced better known competitors. For half the price of a comparable park flyer, I wasn’t expecting this. More importantly, the contents were in perfect shape, nothing broken or missing. I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 batteries, and 3 extra props!   I have logged 33 flights on this plane, and it is still working great.Recommend!!

  17. Leroy C.

    son loved it

  18. mauricio perez-cross

    Very Nice.I highly recommend starting with this fairly inexpensive plane again an affordable plane that won’t bother so much if you crash fear of crashing is non-existent. I flew months on a simulator before getting a three channel plane, it really help alot. Heck, if this is just a gift with no intention of getting into the hobby, I believe anyone can fly this with zero experience. 

  19. Angela

    Extremely durable plane – perfect to learn on. If you’re looking to learn buy a hot glue gun. Prepare to crash, hard. The motor will probably fly out but the plane will be fine if you just glue it back in. Parts are available if you break anything. Smashed full speed into a brick wall and damaged the motor – easily replaced with a new one and am back in the air. Anyone can learn to fly and have a good time with this little plane. Slightly underpowered if you are going to fly in wind.

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