Cordless Hair Curler

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Cordless Hair Curler

A cordless hair curler, as its name says, is a curler that automatically pulls hair inside its curl chamber. This handheld curling device is usually rechargeable, so you won’t need to worry about cords getting into the way of your styling.


  • Rechargeable – 5000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery  provides extremely freedom to create your own hairstyle anytime. One single full usb charging offers 60 minutes of working time.

  • Smart & Safe –  Unique anti-scald design & automatic reverse rotation to help avoid any tangled hair problems. It’s also energy-efficient. It’ll shut off automatically after 10 minutes of no use.

  • LCD Display – Large LCD display presents clear temperature, direction and timer , it presents more readable and convenient use.

  • Two-Way-Rotation – With the latest two-way rotation technology, you only need to set the direction of rotation.


FAQs :


How do I work my Cordless Curler?

  • Simply turn your Cordeless Curler on with the power button, allow it to heat up. It will flash on the screen as it  heats  up  and stop when it is ready. Then simply hold the hair near the top on your hair and the Cordless Curler barrel, press the button and then pull the hair in. It will beep whileit is heating and double beep when it’s ready. It’s that simple!

Can my hair get stuck in the curler/how to do insert it?

    • Our hair curler has an automatic shut off system, so if you put too much hair into the device it won’t operate. To insert the hair correctly, be sure to use smaller sections and make sure the hair is smooth as you line the section up to the curler to be pulled in. You can pull your hair out at any stage once the barrel stops firming, It is not help in there by anything.

How long will my order take to arrive?

  • All orders are processed and sent out within 1-2 business days, please expect delivery within 5-10 days and keep in mind this can vary depending on your location and the status of covid-19.

About :


The Cordless Curler offers fast and wireless operation meaning longer-lasting amazing curls.

It’s automatic technology allows you to wrap around your hair and create curls automatically in as fast as 8 seconds.

With it’s built-in rechargeable battery, you can get instant curls anytime, anywhere without searching for a power outlet.

✅ Suitable for all types of hair

✅Long and lasting curls

✅Digital temperature display

Everyone Can Be An Expert!


19 reviews for Cordless Hair Curler

  1. Cocobeartx

    This has to be the best hair tool I think I have ever used. When I use it, it’s the closest thing I’ve ever gotten to how my stylist gets it and that’s saying alot! I honestly hate having to fix my hair, but not since I bought this tool. It is so easy to use, and the curls stay for days! I used it on Sunday, it is Wednesday, and the curls still look great. I literally have done hardly anything to my hair all week. So, for someone who is low maintenance but still wants to look “done up”, this is the way to go! If I can use it, anyone can! Go buy it now.

  2. Pam Bourdeau

     I LOVE THIS THING!! I was so worried one of these would rip my hair out but it just makes my hair look beautiful

  3. Anna

    Absolutely happy with the curler , it does it’s job well , easy to use , rechargeable, my curls came out beautiful, will keep it ! And totally recommend

  4. Becky

    I have always sucked at curling my hair. This curler is a LIFE CHANGER!!! It is so easy and the curls come out perfect. Definitely 100% recommend!!

  5. Holly Cope

    I never write reviews but I was blown away by this product! I’m not good at curling my hair and this product gets it right every time! I especially love how the ends curl perfectly with the rest of my hair, the ends are what I struggle with the most when using a regular curling iron. The pictures are from the very first time I tried it and it took me 18 mins (yes I did time it). I also combed them out and let them sit for maybe 10mins with no hair spray before taking the picture. So excited to travel with this!

  6. Rebecca

    Once you get the hang of it this thing is easy to use. Took me a couple tries to figure it out but I’m also not very coordinated. Takes about 6 seconds to curl and the curl holds all day, which never happens for me with a regular curling iron. As you can see from photos my hair is pin straight and very fine. Be sure to fully charge before using-the first charge takes several hours.

  7. Sulibeliz

  8. Amazon Customer

    Ignore my counter, I was in the middle of cleaning.This thing has been a life saver getting ready! So easy to use and I did my hair in 30 minutes or less! Just remember, the right side of your head you want it on L. The left side, you want it on R.

  9. ARMY

    It’s great! The only thing that I would like them to improve is the size of the curls, since just a little bit of hair is taken, the curls come out small and thin, if the machine were bigger or if the size of the curls could change it would be even more incredible and efficient. Thank you!

  10. Zulma Montalvo


  11. Nightshade

    Came really fast, doesn’t burn hair. For the price highly recommend

  12. Sharon McKinney

    I do enjoy this hair curler now that I have mastered working the controls and how to get the best wrap. It is fairly easy to use, just have to work through the learning curve. It’s a good value and will last quite a awhile in one charge. I personally love no cord! 

  13. Andrew Engell

    Came in fast and perfect recommend

  14. Carol H.

     Now that I know how it works, one full charge should do my whole headI did not use any curl nor heat/thermal product, so my curls fell out after about 5 hrs. which is normal for my thin, straight hair. I will try a hair product next time.But I was very pleased with the ease of use & the curls produced!

  15. Shopper Julie

    I bought this as a gift for my wife. She can put curls in her hair super fast and they actually come out really nice. She absolutely loves it. Super easy to use and works great. Curls last all day. Would definitely buy as again as a gift and highly recommend!

  16. Gabriela

    So easy to use and practical to take around. Makes perfect curls! 

  17. SMartinez

    I bought this because I saw it on TikTok. It works really good

  18. Cheryl A. Bindus

    Bought this & was super excited to try it. The battery life is great highlt recommed

  19. Rosewater

    I travel a lot and replaced my hot curlers with this.Highly recommend it’s really pratical

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