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Magical “Love You To The Moon And Back” Custom Moon night light lamp features love wordings, photos engraving on an elegant 3D moon light lamp, to show your appreciation for others, celebrate an important life event, show your love for family members, or even create a memorial for lost loved ones. Make it even more special for everyone you care about.

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2.half-length picture with clear face is the best.
3.if full body photo,please just choose 18cm or 20cm,the printed result is not good for other sizes.
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5.If you want best outcomes, we recommend 15CM 18CM 20CM.

About this item

  • Hyper-realistic Moon Lamp : First Create a relaxing atmosphere at home with the custom Moon night light lamp. Also Its hyper-realistic moon surface is based on astronomical data provided by NASA. Finally The lamp rests on a wooden base and adds a graceful vibe to your room decor

  • Dual-Color and Adjustable Decorative Lamp :  Second the moon lamp allows you to easily change the color of the light from lunar white to warm yellow with a simple tap on the mini touch switch at the bottom. In addition to further adjust brightness, you can simply long tap and create a cozy to cool ambiance perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, cafes, and more

  • Rechargeable 3D Lamp with Long Battery Life : Third and importantly the 5.9-inch USB operated lamp has a 4-8-hours battery life and can be charged quickly within 2-3 hours

  • Unique-design Base : The bottom of the lamp is thoughtfully designed to retain the shape of the moon as much as possible.

  • Eco-friendly Gift : The moon lamp consists of eco-friendly materials (PLA) and comes in a box packaging. It is a charming gift option for example ; home decor, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, and more

18 reviews for Custom Moon night light lamp

  1. Pasadena Boop

    This is quite an impressive little thing. For so little money, it does so much, and is also quite functional and very attractive. By holding the little metal circle on the bottom, you can adjust the amount of light and the color of the light. I don’t know why they advertise this as for kids only. We 60-something seniors use this in our bedroom as a night light. The moon size fits the very pretty ceramic hand quite nicely – others complain about the larger moon size, but this size is perfect. The light easily lasts the night and provides soft light to illuminate the room just enough, without being glaring like many night lights. My husband plugs it in to the USB charger on our bedside lamp every morning. I can’t see the moon relief features very well from my bed, but it still looks like the moon. It is surprisingly comforting to look at while falling asleep. It really does seem like moonlight.

  2. Cinyann Wood

     I have never written a review. This product inspires me to do so. I absolutely love it! It is extremely easy to set up and use. I love the three different modes of light from bright, to soft, to subtle blue. I love that I do not need to keep it plugged in for it to continue to light. I love that it I do not have to keep putting in batteries. This means I can set it up anywhere and place it on anything that will hold it, inside or out, in any room anywhere. It is beautiful!!! I would like to order more of the globes so I have one charged at all times. I imagine the intricate parts that allow this globe to light up seemlessly perhaps justify the cost. Worth what I paid for it to me.

  3. LynnLynn

    such a cool light, I just may order one for myself!!!!!!

  4. Kris Boyce

    This is the second moon lamp I’ve purchased. This lamp is everything. I have one at home and now I have one for my work office. People stop by my office all the time in awe of this lamp. The ambient light it provides is perfect and it looks just like the moon. The option of white moon or yellow moon is brilliant. You can adjust the intensity of the light with just a touch of your finger. Everyone who has seen my moon lamps immediately says “Where did you get that! I want one!” I’m about to order a 3rd to put in my little boy’s room. I can’t say enough good things about this lamp. If they need a spokesperson, I’ll travel the country selling these things, they are that amazing. Buy one and you’ll see. You won’t regret it, you’ll just want more.

  5. M. CarterM. Carter

    Absolutely gorgeous! Works just as described. I’ve had mine on all night on a single charge. If anything ever happens to it, I’ll buy this exact one again. It’s a good balance between quality and cost. Definitely go with the 3D printed ones.

  6. Jurgen Norris

    Well, I loved his Moon so much that I kept stealing it from our bedroom and take it to the living room. So I bought myself one. These Moons charge up fast  They light up with a very detailed real Moon surface design in white or yellow and it will totally mesmerize you. The wood stand is sleek and super easy to assemble and is a perfect accent to any room décor. 

  7. A. SpurbeckA. Spurbeck

    This thing was awesome when we had it. My son slept with it on every night

  8. Judith DobbieJudith Dobbie

    Such a cool gift. My husband loved it. Perfect size and it has two settings, warm and cool. it’s great

  9. Tabitha

    Absolutely lovely! I recently moved bedrooms in my house and trying to theme my bedroom more for relaxation and sleepytime. This light is just gorgeous and looks like a real, miniature moon when it glows. When I sleep I like my room to be completely dark and without any noise besides some white noise. I use the warm light mode because it’s pretty and dimmer than the white light mode. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  10. Zenitram

    So I’m talking with my daughter in Arizona I’m in California and she’s telling me how my granddaughter knows the different shapes of the moon. She 3. So I purchase and send her this moon that looks nice. She absolutely loves it. Now every night she says “papa got me my own moon”. Now that deserves 5 stars. Btw. My daughter was a lol jealous lol but she loved it too. I guess some planets have two moons. Hmmmmm

  11. KZ1221

      This is a great gift item! It allows  color options and looks very elegant. See the video to see how pretty it looks in a dark room

  12. esskayesskay

    Grabbed this thing on Prime Day and so far it’s awesome. Just added to my 2 year olds room for his birthday.

  13. John

    The appearance is so realistic; it has all the romance and mystery of the full moon yet you can hold in your hand. I bought this as a gift but of course I had to “make sure it works” :). Anyone with a heart would love this. I only have one slight complaint and that regards the usb power. Someone who loves this light will want to keep it plugged in so they can use it all the time. You can do this, but when you turn on the light, the circuit thinks the USB is “charging the battery”, and turns on a blue led in the base even if the battery is 100% charged. This somewhat spoils the otherwise perfect silver or yellow moon with a blue spot.

  14. Jeffrey C Leung

    The product arrived on the date specified and was nicely packaged and secured. It is such a high quality product. This is my first time to buy a 3D printed product and I am very impressive. The lamp is very solid and the surface really looks like the moon. It is well-made and each charge lasts for very long. My kids really enjoy the moon lamp and I am planning to get another one so they each have one. I would highly recommend this moon lamp.

  15. CA Girl in Portland

    This thing is more amazing than it even looks online. Super light weight. Just like the moon changes with the atmosphere. It’s pretty geeky


    perfect recommend!!!!

  17. Jax B

    .Battery stays charged for several days though you can leave it plugged in full time as well. They are different colors and levels of light. In a dark room it is very convincing oaks being the moon.I recommend this light as it has ticked all the boxes we got it for and continues to work well.

  18. michel kurtis

    I LOVEEEEE this product. It is beautiful. I can not say enough good about it. I turn it on to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, to keep from turning on a bright light that will make me up. And at night after putting lavender oil in the diffuser I turn off the overhead light and turn on this lamp while I take the throw pillows off the bed and turn down the comforter and top sheet; it is a relaxing and wonderful nightly ritual. Sometimes I turn it on when it is time to get up but I don’t want to get out of bed just yet. The low light helps my eyes transition into light from darkness. The design of this product is done so well and I chose the white ceramic hand shaped stand. Just lovely! Product can also be used while being charged.

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