Disney vampirina

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Disney vampirina

Halloween is many children’s favorite day in October. Whether they choose trendy costumes, classics, or something in between, there is something so fun about dressing up and collecting candy from neighbors or attending a party. Our Disney vampirina costume is the right Halloween costume that will fit properly and allow your children to express themselves.

About Disney vampirina

Vampirina is the new girl in town! After moving from Transylvania to Pennsylvania, Vee and her family adjust to life as vampires in the city. Along with helping her parents run the Scare B&B, a bed and breakfast for visiting ghouls and goblins, Vee learns how to make new friends in a new school and experience everything the human world has to offer. While it might be easier to blend in, Vee knows it’s important to be yourself and stand out!

Physical appearance

Vampirina is a young vampire with periwinkle skin, pointy ears and fangs. Her hair is black with bat wing pigtails and has violet eyes. She dresses in a light magenta top and black dress with a spider web pattern, wears two blue fingerless gloves, and black boots. Even though she appears 8 years old, she is actually 200 years old.

When she is being a Woodchuck Woodsie, she formerly wore her Ghoul Guide uniform although a blue sash was worn to put some badges in “Woodchuck Woodsies”. But in “The Woodsie Way”, she wore a new, more accurate uniform.

At bedtime, she wears two-tone purple pajamas with a blue ghost on the front. Her sleeves and pajama pants have blue bat patterns all over, and wears purple bat slippers.

Powers and abilities

Like all vampires, Vee is very playful and can transform into a bat. However, when she gets shy and nervous she gets a case of the Battys, which is transforming back and forth into a bat uncontrollably. Also like all vampires, Vee can move very fast. She can instantly zoom from one place to another in a second without needing to speed up or slow down. She also has super hearing that makes things far away sound loud and clear. As seen in “Vampire Weekend”, mastering all the abilities of a vampire is challenging, and requires a lot of concentration.


  • Vampirina is based on the titular character from the books by Anne Marie Pace.
  • In the episode “Two Heads Are Better Than One”, Vampirina is revealed to be left-handed.
    • However, she plays the spookylele right-handed, suggesting she’s ambidextrous.
  • She is afraid of baby cows and cute things as revealed in “Hiccupire”.
  • Whoopi Goldberg dressed as Vampirina for the Halloween segment of her talk show, The View, in 2018.

What to Look for in Halloween Costumes for Kids 


Some kids love having the latest trendy costume each year. Check out popular movies, TV shows, video games, and books to stay ahead of the trend curve. While some trends are staples when it comes to picking out costumes, others may be popular this year and a thing of the past next year. Halloween costumes are always a fun addition to the dress-up bin!


No matter how much your child likes the idea of a certain costume, if it’s not comfortable, it’ll be hard to wear. For school-aged kids, not only should the costume be comfy, but something that they can put on themselves or with minimal help. Some schools don’t allow masks, weapons, or other extra accessories, so check the rules prior to in-school events.


Use the size chart on a costume site prior to buying. Weight and height measurements are much more accurate than age-based measurements. If you live in a cold climate, sizing up is always a good idea so if Halloween night is freezing, a few layers can fit under a costume.


Number of Pieces: 4

Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up

Sizing: Kids

Costume Theme: Disney Cartoon

Apparel Type: Dress

Textile Material: 100% Polyester

Sleeve Style: Regular

Care & Cleaning: Care Instructions  Provided

Brand Name: Disney

Dresses Length: Knee-Length

Origin: made in the USA or imported


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