Dog teeth cleaning toy

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Dog teeth cleaning toy

If you are a loving and dog parent and love your dog more than anything in the world, you probably want to give your dog a long and healthy life, that’s why we’ve introduced our new Dog teeth cleaning toy. But do you know that more than 80% of dogs suffer from oral diseases when they reach the 3rd year of their life?

Even there is no greater joy than having a dog, we know that brushing your dog’s teeth is not an easy task. It will be time-consuming, and some dogs may feel it troublesome when you are pressuring them to brush their teeth. But there is a great solution out there that will do wonders for your dog’s oral health : Our dog teeth cleaning toy!

About this item

  • Dog Treat Toy Ball : Add your dogs favorite food or treats into the Ball to easily attract their attention. Your dog will easily accept this toy as it comes with a treat.

  • Interactive Dog Toys : Perfect for interaction with your dog, promote a bond between you and your dog

  • Hight-quality material : Made from natural rubber material, the toy is bite-resistant, nontoxic, non-abrasive and safe for your pets. Our product is made from an extra-tough rubber and good elasticity therefore it’s safe for dog grinding and teeth cleaning.

  • Dog Teeth Cleaning Ball : The sawtooth antiskid surface design fits the tooth shape of your dog. Effectively it helps clean your dog’s teeth, keeps their teeth strong and conducive and ultimately massages the gums. The tooth-shaped design keeps their gums healthy.

  • Improve Intelligence and IQ Training : This dog toy can easily attract your pets attention, it helps improve the intelligence of your dog and it’s a convenient product to train dogs.

  • Best Gift for Pets : The toy ball is a perfect gift for your pet to fetch and play interactive games with you. This chew toy can reduce the dog’s destructive behavior which is commonly destroying things in your house.


Design Philosophy

  • Why dogs need interactive dog IQ training toys?

Playtime keeps dogs physically fit and mentally sharp. Without toys and healthy exercise, dogs may grow bored and engage in destructive behavior.
Meanwhile, the interactive games can build trust and privity between people and pets.

  • Why choose the rubber dog toys?

The rubber material, more heathy and non-toxic compared with PVC and TPR, it will not harm the pets and destroy the environment.


  • Target Species: Dog
  • Product Name: Dog teeth cleaning toy
  • Material: Rubber
  • Usage: Pet play, bite for fun and treat with snacks
  • Delivery Time: 3-10 Days depending on the shipping method you choose at checkout.

10 reviews for Dog teeth cleaning toy

  1. Andres P.

    Excellent quality, my dog loves his new toy. Package came on time. 100% recommended!!

  2. Jamilah and Marcel

    The ball looks fine. Small treats fit perfectly and stay within the toy. Great toy. Ball can bounce with treats still inside.

  3. melanie

    Depends on the size of kibble used, some falls out. My dog loved it but he couldn’t figure out how to get the ones that were deeper in so I had to try to leave them as close to the edge as I could but then it was too easy.

  4. Penny in S FL

    This is another foraging toy I got for my Bella to keep her busy and burn some energy…. Foraging in the wild is something they would do.The ball is very durable rubber and you simply put kibble, pieces of treat, you could even put peanut butter in the rubber teeth areas…. I push them down in there, hand her the ball, she scampers off, makes herself comfortable and starts nibbling…. She stays busy with it until all the treat is gone.It came with two balls but I’ve only used one so far…. None of the rubber teeth are missing… It feels durable and it’s easy to wash in warm soapy water.

  5. semina

    My english bullies both took to this right away when I introduced them to their new treat balls at 3 months (one a little quicker than the other, but once my other bully watched his little brother for a minute, he quickly picked it up). Since they don’t have long snouts, it was a bit harder for them to get the treats out if I stick them in too far, so I kept them right under the teeth by not pushing down too hard. Now, they’re 5 months today, and they can easily pull them out no matter how far in I push them.

  6. Carolyn J Syhre-Bracchi


  7. CM

    Love these balls. They bounce at an odd angle. They make a squeak when dropped and I can put treats in the open side or strips of cloth for him to work out. He plays with the daily.

  8. Jaz

    Purchased this for my 15lb maltese but the toy is too big for him. This is perfect for medium or large dogs. Very sturdy and durable for them.

  9. Sarah Hamilton

    I have been looking for something for ages to help clean my big dogs teeth. He is a giant and He swallows things whole. He actually chews on these! I stuff the areas with cooked broccoli for a treat and break apart soft bones. Helps keeps my babies entertained while I’m at work. Best thing I’ve purchased for my dogs EVER. One of my dogs is 145 pounds and the other is 50 and these are great for both of them

  10. tom bayne

    My dog loves to chew on these, especially when I put treat in them. He will chase after them all day long.

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