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Eachine 4K Drone

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Eachine 4K Drone

Presenting the new Eachine droneA drone that takes the design of the Mavic 2 , with completely different characteristics. Nevertheless, it is the first drone to be equipped with a camera capable of filming in 4K below 200 €.
The drone is black in color, foldable and as always aimed at beginners / children. The Eachine E520S is equipped with lots of features thanks to its integrated GPS, among other things.

Height and weight

The drone is also foldable and easily transportable, it measures 15 cm long and 11 cm wide once the branches of its wings are folded. It weighs only 280 grams with the battery, so it will be easy to place it in your bag.

Package and solidity

The packaging of the drone includes: The drone, 1 remote control, 1 battery, 1 USB charger, 4 propeller guards, 2 spare propellers, a screwdriver and a user manual. Regarding the solidity, the drone looks rather sturdy despite the fact that it is plastic that surrounds it.


Big surprise with the Eachine drone camera, you can film in 4K (3840 * 2160 pixels), changes everything for a drone of this category. 

With this drone, you can film up to 4 times more pixels. The images are still much more beautiful than its competitors.

You can directly save the images (photos and videos) directly on your smartphone, but we advise you to invest in an SD card to place in the drone to save your images. The quality will be significantly better than on the phone.





As for speed you can control via the application several speed modes, “Slow”, “Medium” and “Fast”. To take control of the Eachine drone, we recommend the “slow” mode which allows you to understand the movements of the drone.


The battery of this model is a 1200mAh Li-Po which allows the drone to fly for 16 minutes. Finally, under normal conditions, we will be more around 14 minutes which is still honorable for such a light drone and especially at this price.


The remote control is small and ergonomic, with two joysticks and 10 action buttons. The E520S controller has a base to place your phone and thus be able to control the drone with video feedback from the drone’s view (camera).

Eachine 4K Drone Features

The Eachine quadcopter offers many features thanks to its integrated GPS that we have listed below:

Tracking mode

The “Follow me” feature allows the drone to fly and follow your trail in the air as you move to achieve a tracking effect.

Crossing point

Using the in-app map, you can draw a path with waypoints, the E520S will fly in the direction of the route you designed.

headless fashion

This feature can be activated via a button on the remote control. Never worry about the front or back of the drone while flying. When you press the controller stick in a direction, the drone moves in that direction relative to you.


By pressing the “orbit” mode icon to make the drone fly around you. With this feature, you can use the multi-angle self-timer, also control the flight radius of the drone, decrease or increase it, fly clockwise or counterclockwise.

Back home

Thanks to its GPS and this feature, the Eachine can return to its point of origin automatically. If the battery becomes too low, the connection is lost, or the Return to Home (RTH) button is pressed, the drone returns to the predefined home point.

Height locked

You can lock the height and location using this feature. Handy for beginners!

19 reviews for Eachine 4K Drone

  1. Ellie WuEllie Wu

    After receiving it, I tested it once, and it feels great, but the control still needs to be practiced by myself

  2. Chris

    It flew great and was fairly easy to control 

  3. Expounded Knowledge

    Connected via wifi. Android v12. “Connected without wifi” when connected to drone. Please advise!!!Update: there are 2 applications that the instructions come with. The app QR code in the instruction manual for “RC POV”  There’s a second app on a separate sheet called WiFi Cam, that app works.

  4. Basem FooteBasem Foote

    Comes with a bunch of accessories. Drone flying is stable, have not tried APP mode yet. (Btw, remote control batteries are not included in the package, like the other drones I owned before )

  5. Enoc Sanchez

    Update. It is very cheaply made. something went wrong with it and it doesn’t stay up in the air any more. Threw it away. Rather invest in something more expensive.

  6. Mary C. DunnMary C. Dunn

    This drone is so compact that it can be taken just about anywhere. It is lightweight and comes with everything needed to fly except for 3 double A batteries and the app that is downloadable. Once the batteries are installed in the remote, and the app is installed all one needs to do is read the instruction booklet provided. The drone comes with 3 rechargeable batteries for the drone itself. These provide 30 minutes flying time. The app will let you view where the drone is and photos can be taken. Great fun for kids as well as adults.

  7. ReaderWoman

    I was surprised by the size of the product and quality of the camera. Love this product.

  8. Michael burton

    Since I made my first review on this product I have spoken to Kyle from hilldow who has went far out of his way to make sure I was satisfied since the parcel was damaged during transit he has sent me a replacement with an upgrade which has turned out to be 100 percent awesome very good product came exactly when he said it would and performs exceptionally thank you I will be returning to hilldow for future drone purposes

  9. Joey


  10. Paul Bouchard

    Easy to play

  11. Richard Herrera

    Nice size . 

  12. eureka hgaoeureka hgao

    Personally i recommend nothing more to say

  13. Maxwell Junior

    Have owned it for 2 weeks and everything works well 

  14. Billy Hoy

    Seems to work well.  Guess it’s worth the money.

  15. Gabriela

     It was amazing is working pretty good. Thank you guys for your agility and attention with us.

  16. michael spivey

    Had to adjust to the drone, small an darkPutting reflective tape in different spots

  17.  Leahs Perry

    i was happy with that. good customer support.

  18. Shawn Neves

    Highly recommend works like a charm for the rice

  19. Edwin

    El producto me salió defectuoso, pero me reemplazaron el producto, el dron es muy bueno funciona bien lo recomiendo

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