Electric baby nasal aspirator


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Electric baby nasal aspirator

Babies have low immunity and are always prone to catch colds. Some babies have a stuffy nose when they catch a cold, affecting their breathing especially at night making them unable to sleep. At this point, you can use our Electric baby nasal aspirator to help your baby clean up their nasal mucus and allowing them to breathe smoothly.

Helping baby blow their nose

Babies can’t blow their nose on their own. However, this can prevent them from developing respiratory diseases such as bronchiolitis. Useful throughout early childhood, the baby nasal aspirator helps to clear the nose and make baby feel better.

Why choose Electric baby nasal aspirator?

The Electric baby nasal aspirator has mouthpieces of different sizes than can be selected depending on the age and type of secretion. These tips are reusable and easily washable in soapy water. The baby nasal aspirator also has a removable head for quick assembly and disassembly. Easy to use, this medical device is effective for toddlers and a simple solution. The different accessories come in a storage pouch – ideal for travel and commuting. Just slip it into the changing bag for baby’s healthcare.

About our Electric baby nasal aspirator

  • With Two Nasal Tips And A Tweezer To Help Out: Since toddlers have bigger nostrils than newborns and infants, the package includes two types of nasal tips to fit your little one’s nose from infancy to toddlerhood! The added tweezer is your best friend when picking out stubborn boogers to help your baby breathe better.
  • Adjustable Suction To Clear Out All The Snot And Boogers: Use the five levels of suction power to find the best choice for your little bundle of joy, so you can clear their nose of all the snot and boogers in the most effective and comfortable way.
  • Less Hassle With A Rechargeable Battery: The mucus sucker’s electric-powered. The rechargeable battery makes it even more convenient to use, as you never have to fuss about getting replacement batteries when the power runs out!
  • Safe Materials And Quiet Operation For Baby’s Comfort: Your little one is already feeling extremely uncomfortable with their stuffy nose, and easing their fussiness is your number one priority. This electric nose suction tool for baby makes that easy, with a quiet operation to keep your little ones from suffering any further discomfort. On top of that, the electric booger sucker for babies and toddlers is made with safe material for your little ones.
  • Made Easy For Parents Too: Of course, this automatic nose sucker for toddlers and babies is made with parents and caretakers in mind. Worrying about a sick, fussy baby is already stressful enough; our baby nasal aspirator won’t make it worse. The parts are effortlessly disassembled and cleaned, making it convenient for doting parents to maintain the device.


  • Safe for baby : Especially designed for your infant’s delicate nose, the aspirator gently removes mucus from their tiny nasal passages and helps your baby breathe better.  Pediatricians recommend the product as they are safe to use from birth and medically tested. The Food and Drug Administration also approves the product.
  • Reusable :  The tips and collection cups are dishwasher safe. This gives you the peace of mind that the pieces are always sterilized and safe to use, without creating additional work of boiling or washing by hand. They are a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to tissues.
  • Nontoxic : Made from nontoxic, BPA-free materials that will not harm your baby in any way. The device can easily be cleaned to eliminate residues etc.. Changing the filters is needed, to maintain the safety and efficiency of your aspirator.



Dimensions (Overall): 4 Inches (L), 9.5 Inches (H) x 2 Inches (W)

Weight: .05 Pounds

Suggested Age: Newborn and Up

Package Quantity: 5

Material: Plastic

Battery: No Battery Used

Charging time : 3 hours

Battery capacity : 360mAh

Base interface : Micro USB

Charging cable length : 70cm

Age Group: Babies

Origin: USA and Imported


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