Halloween maleficent costume

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Halloween maleficent costume

Not all that is dark is evil. Embrace your favorite Disney villain with this classic Halloween maleficent costume for girls. This kid-friendly costume is easy to wear and recognizable!

About Maleficent

Maleficent is the main antagonist of Disney’s 1959 animated feature film Sleeping Beauty. She is an incarnation of pure evil and is responsible for all the misfortune in King Stefan’s kingdom. Taking offense at not being invited to the christening of Princess Aurora, Maleficent curses the princess to die by pricking her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle. With her dark, elegant design and magic powers at her command, Maleficent is one of the most popular and recognizable Disney Villains.

Physical appearance

Maleficent is a tall, slender, pale green-skinned  woman with a narrow face and a prominent chin. She is also darkly beautiful and icily elegant. Maleficent has yellow eyes and black horns , symbolic of her dark magic.

She is clad in a black-and-purple robe with bat wing-like edges. Underneath her robe, she wears a dress with the same color pallet but with some red instead of purple. She wears a gold ring with a large mysterious circular black stone in it. Both the horned headdress and bat wing-like robe represent and foreshadow her dragon form. She carries a staff with a glowing green orb at the tip through which she casts her spells.

Powers and abilities

She is one of the most powerful villains in Disney history. She describes her own skills as “all the powers of hell”. Her powers are magic-based, and it is also implied during the christening ceremony that her magic was far more powerful than even that of the Three Good Fairies. Using her staff, she can conjure up her spells, for example, lightning projection, divination, and teleportation.

Maleficent was also capable of flying by conjuring energy from her staff, similar to a galaxy or a helicopter rotor. She is also shown to be particularly skilled at pyrokinetic-related spells, as her teleportation sometimes has flames being involved, such as during the christening ceremony and just before confronting Prince Phillip for the final time. Her flames are always colored emerald green.

One of her most powerful abilities is to transform herself into a massive fire breathing dragon, her hide in this form was apparently strong enough to even withstand the Sword of Truth barring significant enchantments on the Three Good Fairies part. In addition, her fangs in this form were shown to be venomous in Maleficent Returns, which ironically also led to her second defeat.

She also possessed some degree of divination and telepathy. In the storybook sequel, she also was capable of petrifying people, which she demonstrated on the people of Aurora’s kingdom, including Phillip after her revival, and also attempted to do so on Aurora at the latter’s request to save the kingdom, although her protection charm by the Three Good Fairies prevented this from happening.


  • Her name means “to do evil or harm; harmfully malicious”. It can also be seen as a portmanteau of the words “malevolent” and “magnificent”.
  • Maleficent is one of the ten villains featured in the tongue-in-cheek Disney’s Villains’ Lair.
  • She is often referenced as both a witch/sorceress, and a dark fairy. Both of these are different types of supernatural beings. These phrases may be labels rather than true to what she is, as she has been confirmed to be an evil witch.
  • Maleficent is the only member of the Disney Villains franchise to be a playable character in the Disney Infinity games.
  • It is possible to generate green flames similar to Maleficent’s in real life, namely if a flame is exposed to Copper or Barium.

What to Look for in Halloween Costumes for Kids 


Some kids love having the latest trendy costume each year. Check out popular movies, TV shows, video games, and books to stay ahead of the trend curve. While some trends are staples when it comes to picking out costumes, others may be popular this year and a thing of the past next year. Halloween costumes are always a fun addition to the dress-up bin!


No matter how much your child likes the idea of a certain costume, if it’s not comfortable, it’ll be hard to wear. For school-aged kids, not only should the costume be comfy, but something that they can put on themselves or with minimal help. Some schools don’t allow masks, weapons, or other extra accessories, so check the rules prior to in-school events.


Use the size chart on a costume site prior to buying. Weight and height measurements are much more accurate than age-based measurements. If you live in a cold climate, sizing up is always a good idea so if Halloween night is freezing, a few layers can fit under a costume.


Number of Pieces: 3

Suggested Age: 5 Years and Up

Sizing: Kids

Costume Theme: Disney cartoon and movie

Apparel Type: Dress

Textile Material: 100% Polyester

Battery: No Battery Used

Care & Cleaning: Care Instructions Not Provided

Sleeve Style: Flare Sleeve

Origin: made in the USA or imported


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