Heavy Duty Dog Ring Toy

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This Heavy Duty Dog Ring Toy is the ultimate outside toy for your pup! Our Ring shaped dog toy can be used as a frisbee for outdoor play such as throw catch, fetch, pull, tug of war etc. The ring toy is floatable and waterproof therefore it can be used for water sports like playing in the swimming pool, river or lake you name it! Most important our product is made of high-quality and food-grade EVA ABS materials making it a dog interactive toy as it is gentle on the dog’s mouth and the dog owner’s hands.

About The Heavy Duty Dog Ring Toy

Need a tough versatile ring for training or playing with your doggo?  The Heavy Duty Dog Ring Toy is the answer!

  • HIGH STANDARD ECO-FRIENDLY SAFE MATERIALS : Made of high-quality and food-grade EVA ABS material. The product is a dog interactive toy therefore it will be gentle on the dog’s mouth and the dog owner’s hands.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CLEAN : The ring weighs only 66g and can easily be picked up by your beloved dog with no extra force. In addition it’s indestructible and also washable .

  • INTERACTIVE DOG RING TOY FOR ALL DOGS : Suitable interactive toy for throwing, catching, retrieving games, tug of war, chewing and many more activities with your dog. Our indestructible toy can also be used as a flying disc allowing  you and your pet to have a great time anywhere and anytime. 

  • Aquatic Product :  This rubber dog toy is not only great on land but also buoyant and waterproof. You may play with it  in the pool, water, river, lake etc.. You name it the options are wide. A cute toy that you and your dog will love to play with in all conditions.

  • Good Training Tool To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy : With this your lovely dog will have a lot more fun instead of chewing things around the house, therefore we provide to you the best choice to kill the boring times and the anxiety.

What are the Benefits of our Indestructible Dog Toy?

From supporting mental stimulation to helping with separation anxiety our indestructible dog toys offers several benefits. Here are some of the reasons you need to invest in our toy:

  • Painless Teething. Teething puppies need something to chew on all the time. Chewing and rubbing the gums helps ease the pain and makes the teething process comfortable. Indestructible dog toys last longer and help with pain relief.
  • Nurture Chewing Instincts. Chewing comes naturally to dogs. Our dog toy allows them to express their chewing inclinations without being destructive.
  • Anxiety-Relief. Playing with the heavy duty dog ring toy helps prevent anxiety. Durable toys keep dogs occupied and relieve stress and anxiety. In the long run, this is beneficial as it will prevent unwanted behaviors and destructiveness.
  • Dental Health. Chewing on toys helps support healthy teeth and gums. The mechanical scraping removes plaque buildup and tartar from the dog’s teeth. This is vital to prevent periodontal disease (progressive gum disease that leads to teeth loss).

Specifications :

  • Brand Name : Lightweastech
  • Theme : Animals
  • Target Species : Dogs
  • Material : Rubber
  • Toy Type : Interactive Toy, Chew Toy
  • Colors : Red Orange Green


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