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iFlyOrb Spinner

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to fight boredom, this is perfect for you! This innovative Orb comes packed with tricks and features to keep you entertained for hours on end. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, it’s clear that our iFlyOrb Spinner is the best way to beat boredom. The iFlyOrb Spinner is suitable for all ages and makes a great gift for loved ones. Not only is it great fun, but it also helps reduce stress and anxiety. The built-in LED lights make it perfect for playing in the dark, and the easy-to-use controls make it a breeze to fly. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the iFly Orb is guaranteed to provide hours of fun. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the iFlyOrb today!


  • COLORFUL LED LIGHTS : Neon LEDs display an intricate light show that automatically cycles during flight, making the Fly Orb an eye-catching toy anytime – day, dusk or night!
  • LIMITLESS TRICKS : It floats and spins, climbs and drops, and even returns to you! Boomerang is by far the most popular acrobatic trick, but the Fly Orb can perform over 100 different incredible flight tricks. Toss it at an angle and watch it return to you. Let it drop and bounce it back up. Or, underhand it to a friend and toss it back and forth. We promise, this gift is as unique as it is bold – and will provide hours of entertainment!

  • SAFE, POWERFUL, DURABLE, FUN. : Safety first! The Fly Orb is safe for children ages 6+ years or older. Improve your child’s hand-eye coordination & provide a fun workout! With a thick & flexible exoskeleton, rest assured your orb was built with durability top-of-mind. Fast charge, long play time – our newest design takes only 15 minutes to charge & provides up to 30 minutes of play time. Free shipping and on sale now. The timing has never been better! 



  1. Turn on/turn off : Press the power button on the top of The Fly Orb with your finger, the LED light strip will flash different colors. Shake The Fly Orb vertically, and the fan blade will start to rotate. Shake The Fly Orb again, the fan blade will stop rotating. Press and hold the power button, The Fly Orb will turn off.
  2. Boomerang : Hold The Fly Orb with one hand, vertically with top facing upwards, then tilt it 15° to 45° towards yourself and throw it out. The Fly Orb will fly back in the original direction. Hold The Fly Orb with one hand and tilt it 15° to 45° to the upper left or upper right. The Fly Orb will fly out in an offset direction, and then fly back to another target position along the offset direction. Tips : When throwing The Fly Orb, the greater the tilt angle, the faster the flight speed. It is recommended to perform small-angle tossing exercises first, and then gradually perform larger-angle tossing exercises as experience increases.
  3. Levitate : Hold The Fly Orb with one hand vertically with top facing upwards, then release The Fly Orb while it is spinning, place your palm underneath by 1cm-5cm, and move slowly. The Fly Orb will move slowly with the palm of your hand while floating in the air.
  4. Play Catch With A Friend : Hold the The Fly Orb with one hand, vertically with top facing upwards, then tilt it 15° to 65° toward the target. Slightly throw The Fly Orb up and away from yourself while it is spinning, and The Fly Orb will fly towards the target. Hold The Fly Orb with one hand, vertically with top facing upwards, then tilt 15° to 65° to the left front or right front. The Fly Orb will fly out of the left front or right front offset, and fly back to another target position along the offset direction.
  5. Charging (With Included USB Cable) : Plug the USB charging cable (included) into a standard (120V input, 5V/1.55A output) charging adapter (not included). Then, before plugging in The Fly Orb, carefully plug the charging adapter into your 120V outlet. While The Fly Orb is turned off, plug the opposite end of the USB cable (included) into the charging port, located directly next to the on/off button on the top of The Fly Orb. When The Fly Orb is charging properly, a red LED light will turn on, directly next to the charging port. When the red LED light turns off, The Fly Orb is fully charged. Unplug The Fly Orb within 5-10 minutes of charge completion to prevent overcharge damage to the battery.


1. This product contains a non-replaceable battery. Please do not disassemble it or let the battery get wet.

2. If the toy is overheated, do not charge it. Let it cool before charging.

3. Please avoid strong impact and exposure to direct sunlight.

4. Please charge The Fly Orb with adult supervision.

5. Do not charge in an extremely hot or cold environment.

6. Keep away from flammable and explosive materials when charging.

7. Toys should not be used by children under 6 years old.

8. Before playing with The Fly Orb, please fully charge the battery.

9. When playing outdoors, please avoid water, roads, buildings, etc., and have enough safe space to walk around.

10. Don’t play with The Fly Orb in bad weather such as rain, snow, thunder, lightening and strong winds, so as to avoid injury or damage to the product.

11. Do not fly The Fly Orb near light bulbs, light tubes, glass and other fragile products.

12. Never charge the product unattended for a long time. Disconnect the charger after the product is fully charged.

13. To protect the battery life, please turn off the power of The Fly Orb before charging.

23 reviews for iFlyOrb Spinner

  1. SammyIvy

    the kids enjoy it

  2. Shante Dezern

    He arrived in perfect stay, even long before the scheduled date. It works well and it’s tough stuff need to learn like rones but its fun

  3. Moriya Masanobu

    Fast shipping came in a week. Recommend rly

  4. Lelah Pelosi

    The product came to me in just 12 days to Mexico, no damage or defect I can detect. At the moment I ‘ve only tried 1 of 4 pieces I ordered, but it worked great. Thanks.

  5. Branda Goshorn

    Fast delivery, perfect function,

  6. Fernand Aveline

    very nice product

  7. Tandy Hoyte

    The seller sent parcel very quickly and it came in 2 weeks. Recommend the seller.

  8. Ildefonso Sollami

    I thought it was much easier to work but hey I will learn with time

  9. Antonio Levine

    It came very well., Very funny
    Greetings from Acapulco

  10. Rosalie Robertson

    Product arrived safely and fast recommend and fun to play with

  11. Eleri Barnes


  12. Xose Mendez

    All OK!

  13. Dieter Krist

    It works well

  14. DANIEL L.

    Played ‘Catch’ after Thanksgiving dinner, giggles and laughter and no risk to faces or lamps or curtains!

  15. Winston Hyde

    Friendly prompt site. Shipped and arrived fast.

  16. Julia K.

    it arrived a day earlier than I expected, and my kid almost spotted the box.But I was able to sneak it and tested this thing on my own later.OMG, it flies; it moves!It’s a part of Christmas gifts so I’ll share an update when we’ll use that toy for a while.

  17. Nour Hartman

    Thank you very much

  18. Marchelle Dowden

    Fast shipping Wow Wee!

  19. CHIO

    Excelente 👌 lo que venden es lo que llega. Mi hijo quedó contentó 🙂

  20. Derrick Sclafani

    The ball works fine.

  21. Lakisha Mullenix

    It’s a very delicate product but really fun

  22. Durante Sciara

    Great price and arrived very quickly

  23. Jose A. Cervania

    The battery life is mid but  grandkids love it nonetheless.

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