Knife Cleaner

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Knife Cleaner


Cleaning your cutlery just got super easy with the convenient Knife Cleaner. This useful tool features a unique wrap-around design that lets you clean both sides of your cutlery while keeping fingers away from sharp edges.


Knife Cleaner Description :

Have you ever accidentally cut yourself while washing knives?

Cleaning sharp knives can be dangerous, but this cleaning brush allows you to do it safely. Its clever U-shaped design allows you to scrub both sides of the tableware at once while you keep your fingers out of the way.

Moreover, its dense bristles can remove food residues quickly, and its textured handle keeps your hands from slipping. The handle can also be put on the edge of the sink to dry after use.

Better 2x Safety Wash

Using this brush to clean sharp knives and cutlery is much safer. This brush has powerful dual bristles to remove the toughest dirt and grease from your pots, pans, forks, knives, and every utensil. The wraparound design keeps your fingers away from any sharp edges and prevents any accidents or injuries.

Quality Cleaning on Both Sides

Dual bristles allow you to thoroughly clean both sides of the utensil at the same time, while the textured grip prevents it from slipping. ABS plastic is a durable and long-lasting material. makes cleaning your knives in a Flash!

Easy to Keep

The brush can be stood on a dish rack or placed on the side of a dish basin to dry. Small, unrestricted, no space issues, Saves time and labor. The cleaner is easy to use and safe for children. It makes cleaning all kinds of kitchenware fun and easy.

Better Grip Handle

Our knife brush has a textured handle, which is better controlled and more comfortable to hold. It’s small and light, and won’t take up much space. You can store the knife scrubber easily and give it as a gift to your family and friends.

Knife Cleaner Product Information:

Materials: Non-Toxic plastic

Size: 8.5 cm * 8 cm * 5.5 cm

Color: Green
Individual product weight:106g
Package: 1PCS
Care and Use: wash by hand.

Package Included:

1x Blade Brush Knife and Cutlery Cleaner (Green)

18 reviews for Knife Cleaner

  1. Alisa Watts

    Good quality, as per description!

  2. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    Came really quickly highly recommend top quality really useful

  3. Bonnie Montes

    fast shipping came in like 6 days thank you highly recommed

  4. Renesmae Knapp

    Great quality good communication

  5. Germain Beaumont

    fast delivrery well packed arrived in like 6 days highlyy recommend

  6. Xose Mendez

    They need to sell this in the market it’s actually useful

  7. Aliya Fernandez

    perfect 5 stars

  8. Jaqueline Phipps

    recommmend usefulproducts hard tofin in locals

  9. Takako Ream

    Everything is OK! Thanks.

  10. Franchesca Schwebach

    saw this on insta really useful

  11. Amazon Customer

    Hate scrubbing utensils or are scared you’re going to cut yourself scrubbing a knife. If so this is the scrubber for you. The hard bristles ensures all the food gets scrubbed off while the outside plastic protects your hand from stabbing yourself

  12. M Thompson

    I had purchased a set of quality steak knives but was having issues not getting the knives clean due to how sharp the blades were and wanting to keep my fingers. Found this little utility and it really does an outstanding job of cleaning those knives.

  13. ginabean of MN

    I bought this mostly for cleaning my kitchen knives.This allows me to clean my knives safely, even the wider blades, and it gets the gunk off because the bristles are sturdy without being abrasive and damaging to the finish off the knife. Today I discovered that this is also the best way I have found to easily clean my microplaner. I always tend to grate pieces of my sponge off when cleaning the microplaner, but this works to get into the little grooves and save my sponge and knuckles from being scraped. Highly recommend it!

  14. JacqJacq

    Really gets between tines and serrated blades. If you’re too vigorous with your cleaning motion, you can do damage to the stable hand. But I’ve gotten used to using it and it’s now my favorite utensil cleaning tool.

  15. Marcus

    Cant remember whos idea it was to buy it, but yeah, great for sharp knives…less chance of slicing a finger.

  16. Cathy Baughn

    I like that this knife Cleaner feels safe in my hand and I don’t worry about cutting myself. Also, the bristle does a goog job cleaning the knife where the handle starts. I will buy again and may give. As gifts, because who wants to put their expensive knifes in the dishwasher.

  17. Beej

    We finally splurged on a real knife set that does not go in the dishwasher. I didn’t want to risk getting cut by sharp steel, so I looked into a couple of options.Especially for the price and ease of use, I can’t imagine using anything else. A single drop of dish soap gets multiple blades clean and ready to rinse/dry. The bristles overlap in an offset pattern, so the tolerance is really tight for close scrubbing without getting tangled up.I thought I would regret having to hand wash my knives, but with this little gadget, it’s hardly any different than just rinsing them before putting them in the dishwasher used to be. Easy day!

  18. Steve B.

    Opposed bristles for effective cleaning, really got between fork tines — excellent for my VERY sharp knivesI do wish it was hinged – I think that would make even it easier to use

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