Magnetic Microwave Plate Cover

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Magnetic Microwave Plate Cover

Once you have tried to heat your Bolognese in the microwave uncovered, you won’t ever be that careless again, right? As we all know, there are some foods that just tend to go “splash” once you put them into the microwave. Sauces in particular. Or everything where oil is involved. The resulting clean-up operations are never fun.  That’s one of the reasons why you should never, ever re-heat or cook anything uncovered. Another reason is, that it is just plain unhygienic. Particularly if the microwave is shared by a lot of people – like in an office, a dorm, etc. If you haven’t got a good microwave cover already, we have good news for you: the magnetic microwave plate cover

Why You Need A Magnetic Microwave Plate Cover?

Without A Cover

  • PREVENT SPLATTER-It is used to cover the food you want to heat and prevents the liquid splattering out of the dise that will soil your microwave.

With the Cover

Keeps your microwave clean providing good hygiene and less cleaning to do.


Do not use in the microwave for more than 10 minutes

Do not use in a convection microwave or conventional oven

Features & Benefits:

-Perfect size for most microwaves and works with any bowl, plate or dish thats fits into your microwave .

-Helps in heating your food evenly.

-Keeps your microwave clean.

-Stores out of sight in your microwave.

-Easy to clean.

-Safe for your family’s health.

-Saves you time and energy.



Size: 12.8 x 11.6 x 3.1 inch

Weight: 157g

Color: transparent

Material: ABS.

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12 reviews for Magnetic Microwave Plate Cover

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great Product. Genius idea to use magnets to hold the cover up in the air so you can warm cups and things without it being in the way. 

  2. J. Collins

    This is amazing, it stays on the roof of the inside of your microwave, the magnet perfectly keeps the splatter guard in its place. No looking for a paper towel or a paper plate to cover food. Think of what you will save on paper towels or paper plates. The fact that you could easily cover your food, and lift the splatter cover up and leaving it in the microwave is genius. The splatter guard will always be where you need it, With other type items that you keep out or around the microwave that are dirty or put somewhere else but where you need it. This one will always be where you left it. No leaving around or near the microwave, it is always in the same place. The material is great too, even if food splatter gets on it, you can practically rinse it off. I wash regularly as I am a clean fanatic. But nothing sticks to it. I also love the small holes on top that lets the steam out. The food cooks evenly without drying it out. Tip, when I warm leftovers, I sprinkle just a couple drops of water throughout the food. I put the splatter guard over the food I am warming the steam created with the few drops of water keeps the food moist. You won’t regret this purchase, on the contrary you will wonder how you lived without it.

  3. Alana Alana

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     Love these! Have bought them for home and for work microwaves. It’s so much easier to clean these than it is to try and scrub the inside of a microwave. They fit right over plates or bowls and just help keep bursting or popping food from going all over microwave. Genius invention and great Storage.

  4. EmmaEmma

    Really useful fast delivery thank you recommend

  5. Sadie

    These are great! I love the fact that they stick to the top of the microwave when not in use! And they are wide enough to cover a large plate. 

  6. goodfruit

    Where has this thing been all my life? Love it.Before, I had to bend over and awkwardly reach around in the back of my cupboard, now…just pull it down off of the roof of the microwave.If you hesitated, as I did, don’t. Totally worth buying. I’m giving those old ones away. As soon as I pull them out of the back of my cupboard 😉

  7. JohnWFA

    This cover is stiff enough to endure microwave heat and steam. It does a great job of containing bursts of sauces and splat of oils without smothering the dish.

  8. LisaGregLisaGreg

    This is overall an excellent concept that everyone with a microwave should own. A task 1% faster everyday will lead to the same task 38 times faster in a year! Use the magic of compounding and optimize your kitchen actions, only ever move that cover 15 cm and when it’s actually needed! Additionally, while it’s a excellent concept

  9. Brittney A.Brittney A.

    I was really excited about this purchase. Especially because my sister in law already had one and it came highly recommended. 

  10. Linda R. Milano

    Giving product four stars instead of five  great luck as this is a super cool product and I love it for the microwave at the cabin.

  11. bona fide shopper

    Super convenient, highly useful piece of plastic. We were using lids from take-out containers, but they’re too shallow and have to sit directly on top of the food. This cover sits above the food and completely covers normal sized plates. The magnets are only for convenience as a way to store the cover when not using the microwave.

  12. Kate MahoneyKate Mahoney

    I really like this microwave splatter guard. It’s simple, yet effective, covers normal sized plates, is easy to pick up and easy and convenient to store inside the microwave when not in use. The magnets are strong and it’s easy to clean. What more could you want?. Overall I’m pleased!

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