Rechargeable Plasma Lighters

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Rechargeable Plasma Lighters Description :


  • Flexible Long Lighter & Reusable Lighter- The 10cm 360 degree bends long neck electronic lighter

is especially for you to reach the very low candle-end in the jar. No more waste of your lovely beautiful candle

ends with good smells. Rechargeable Plasma Lighters are reusable  after recharged, replacing the match or matchstick and lighter pack from now on.

  • LED Battery Display & USB Rechargeable Lighter- Always know when to recharge it. The battery display LED

is there for you every time you turn it on. And, the light twinkles when charging with USB cable included in the

package, then turn off automatically after fully charged. But DO NOT CHARGE IT WITH FAST CHARGER AS IT WILL SPOIL

The Rechargeable Plasma Lighters

  • Safety Locker Stick Lighter- The safety locker on the usb lighter helps to protect children from playing with it.

So please lock it every time you finish using the plasma lighter .You have to turn the switch on, then press the button

to ignite something.

  • Multi-functions Lighter– bbq lighter comes with a opener at the end. You can easily open your favorite bottles

and light candles, grills, gas stoves. BBQ, solid alcohol, cigarette, incense, campfire, and fireworks. Great for daily

use at kitchen,living room and outdoor camping & barbecue activities.

  • Plasma Tech & Environment-friendly- No flame.No odor.No toxic fuels.No butane, No hassle. Windproof.

Splash-proof. Low-Carbon Electricity. Refillable electronic lighter. There will be “zee, zee” sound caused by high-voltage

power generation.. But, no more those awkward when you use the traditional matches or lighters. Also, protect your

gingers be burned by flame just like last time:).



19 reviews for Rechargeable Plasma Lighters

  1. David Powell

    I do really like this lighter it’s a great fire starter or for BBQs. Can’t complain there.

  2. Steveny

    Just buy it, already.I’ve lost count on how many BIC lighters I’ve gone through since i first saw this product.I was hesitant at first because of the price point, but now i factor in how much spent on disposable lighters and have already exceeded the cost of this torch.Easy to use, rechargeable and includes a USB charger cord and cleaning brush

  3. Natalie

    I have heard and seen these electric lighters but have been skeptical, but got tired of filling fluid lighters into mine so thought I’d give it a try. I was surprised how easily it works. It lights candle in a click and the foldable neck means no more picking up the candle. I tried it on a gas stove, click and lit. I also tried it on incense, No more lighter fluid!

  4. JoyCJoyC

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     I had an electronic lighter, really loved it, but it was too short to light candles without me getting burned. This lighter, with it’s flexible extension is just perfect for lighting candles, BBQ grilles, anything where you want to keep your fingersaway from the flame.It’s also rechargeable so no need for batteries. Really great product!

  5. David Cohen

    I’m done with matches great product fast delivery 

  6. daviddavid

    I saw my friend with a lighter similar to this one and I wanted one. Since I do not smoke I ended up buying this arc lighter because I use a lot of candles at home. I avoid matches because they never work for me and my other lighters always run out of fluid.The electric arc lighter is perfect because I have a bunch of backup batteries that can charge this thing if my power ever goes out! This lighter comes with a safety switch so you can’t accidently turn it on which I’m glad it has. It uses a micro USB which is great, some other ones use mini USB which is rarely used anymore.

  7. Angie

    This is my first arc lighter and it is so cool. It reminds me of a miniature taser, lol. I really like how much easier it is to use than the lame butane lighters I’m used to. It lights the first time every time.I also like the flexible neck, which makes it much easier to use with jar candles. I LOVE that this lighter is rechargeable, and that I won’t have to keep buying those cheap disposable lighters. Less chemicals and waste in the landfill for sure!

  8. JBG

    This is a great little tool. It appears to be very solid and well-made. I suspect it will last a very long time. It charges with a USB A to USB micro cable. 

  9. Melsa

    So glad I came across this, now I don’t have to buy lighters anymore!You charge this up over and over so it never runs out of fluid like the other kind and it actually lights candles!!

  10. Sarah C.

    Je recommande fortement ce produit. Si vous êtes amateurs de chandelles comme moi (Voluspa, Bath and Body Works, Illume et autres…) ça va vraiment changer votre vie! La durée de la batterie est très longue (plusieurs semaines, et j’allume le briquet 1-2 fois par jour)!! C’est vraiment plus écologique aussi que d’acheter un briquet jetable à chandelle (ou à Bbq comme je faisais avant hiih) Allez y sans crainte, vous aurez une bonne valeur pour votre $ !

  11. Trbo

    I can see why this lighter got such great reviews. This thing is cool! It has a safety switch that has to be on before you can use the lighter, which I quickly found very helpful since my 2 year old has ninja-like skills and grabbed it off the kitchen counter. Fortunately he was unable to use it. There is about a 1/8 inch gap between arc probes which is just right for the wick of a candle. The first day we got it in the mail my wife ran around the house lighting everything candle and yelling “check this thing out”. We have only used it to light candles but I’m sure it would work for just about anything a regular lighter would be used for. Since it’s rechargeable I’m hoping it lasts us a long time.

  12. Bìheo

    I did not know someone have invented this one because it is great and helpful to have in the house. First of all, this is USB rechargeable, so it has saved me money because I had to replace my regular lighter every few months. I love to use candles while I am cooking and put them around the house for relaxing fragrant, this lighter is good because I can bend its neck to reach any type of candles. It is also very easy to use, turn it on, the light should light up which indicates if it needs to be charged or not, then press the button for lighter. It is compact size. I think it’s great to have around the house

  13. BarjibeeBarjibee

    My husband keeps stealing my lighter for my candles so I decided to order some thing that would be of no use for him so I can always find it.This strategy has worked very well.. I am so happy with this little gadget! The charge has lasted me already 10 days and I still have yet to have to charge it again.. not only is it extremely useful it’s also a beautiful little machine. The neck is extremely flexible so you can get into just about any space that you can think of.. very happy with this purchase!

  14. R. Paquette

    Un outil fonctionnel et facile à utiliser. J’ai donné une cote moyenne pour la durabilité de la batterie puisque je ne la connais pas, ayant récemment acquis l’objet et utilisé une couple de fois. S’il s’avère durable, il se révélera un excellent achat écologique à prix abordable.

  15. GadgetMan

     It should be adequate for normal uses. It is convenient and easy to use, Setting paper materials on fire is not a problem. Lighting up moxa bustion sticks is not a problem . Igniting candles is not a problem.

  16. Kindle Customer

    Came really fast andcharged everything isperfect

  17. Gerard Amerongen

    Recommend totally useful

  18. J. BEEZOZ

    Turned it the first time, no problems. 

  19. HappySsussHappySsuss

    This rechargeable lighter goes well for any type of candles and use. I have never use it on other BBQ , paper or stove but it works really well with my candles. I stopped buying lighters

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